Xanadu, Cats, and More — PR047

We have a new format! I welcome the hysterical Susie Shubert as my new co-host. You’re in for a big, weird treat, folks! Thanks to everyone who completed the surveys that led to the fun new changes to Paws Rewind. Don’t worry — we’ll still feature totally awesome 70s and 80s pop culture and cats (plus other pets from time to time). Every other week, we’ll welcome a special guest to the show, and you’ll get Susie and me on opposite weeks!

This week, we dive into a new regular feature, “News of the Weird, circa 70s/80s.” In this episode, the weird news involves nail polish and and a mystery man. Then, we roll into the movie that inspired the Razzie Awards, Xanadu, which is a total feast for the senses! And yes, we have opinions. And you don’t want to miss the pet segment and Susie’s introduction to manifesting your badassery.

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