Little House Life Hacks

New Hardcover Book

A humorous yet practical book of life lessons from the seminal Little House on the Prairie, blending Laura Ingalls Wilder’s timeless teachings with her surprisingly timely penchant for homesteading, crafting, and the lifestyle we now call Cottagecore.

Texts From Mittens

Reissue of Orignal Book

A hilarious series of text message conversations between a snappy, self-absorbed housecat named Mittens and his long-suffering human.

Texts From Mittens

2025 Desktop Calendar

Daily pages feature texts between Mittens and his very patient human and provide colorful glimpses into the sweet (and hilarious!) homelife of this very special feline.

Texts From Mittens: Friends and Family

Follow-up to Original Book

Humorous text exchanges between Mittens and his cast of quirky friends and family: Earl (the “filthy hound”), Stumpy (the best friend), Drunky Patty (the usually tipsy next-door neighbor), Grandma (giver of treats), and Fiona (Mitty’s girlfriend)..

What makes [whiskerslist] so damned funny? If you’ve ever spent a blessed second with a cat in your life, you’ll know. Angie has burrowed deep into the cross section of psyche where cat action meets human vocabulary and has come up with gold. You’ll be howling—in a good way!

Jackson Galaxy

Cat Behaviorist and Host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell