The Day After, After School Specials, and Cats — PR025

Guest: Stacy Pershall **

We step back into 1983 to discuss The Day After, the iconic TV movie that depicts the devastation of nuclear holocaust on small-town Kansas residents. Then we recall the epic, cheesy drama of ABC After School Specials. Oh, and who can deny the impact of music during our high school years? And of always, there’s kitty-cat chat.

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One response to “The Day After, After School Specials, and Cats — PR025”

  1. I was SO FREAKED OUT by “The Day After” that I had nightmares about nuclear war for months afterward. And yes, I remember the after-school specials, too. Usually I didn’t get to watch them because my mother had other chores for us to do at the time. The ones I remember the most are the one about the girl dying of bone cancer (and Kansas’s song “Dust In the Wind” being played on that special), and the one about the kid who dove into a pool or a lake or something and broke his neck and ended up paralyzed.

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