Golden Girls, Rick Springfield, The Cure, and Cats — PR024

Guest: Alana Grelyak **

We rewind back to Miami and the ladies of Golden Girls, while Alana shares which of  her cats is a Dorothy. Then there’s talk of an awkward experience involving Rick Springfield. And of course, cat chat.


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One response to “Golden Girls, Rick Springfield, The Cure, and Cats — PR024”

  1. I wanted to let you know that Alana has been featured on a new Podcast dreamed up by the always funny Angie Bailey, author of Texts From Mittens and fellow blogger. The show covers all kinds of topics interwoven with cat information and presents a side of cat people you don t normally get to see. In this week s episode, Angie invited Alana to talk about the Golden Girls, Rick Springfield, and The Cure. Now, I have listened to the episode myself eight times thus far and have transcribed the entire thing for my thesis work on Alana, and although I consider myself the pre-eminent Alana scholar, there were a few things I didn t know about her that happened before my time. Of course, I know them now, but I think it s worth a listen!

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