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Advice I Give Myself

The Mainzer Cats image doesn't have much to do with this post, but it looks awfully advice-y, doesn't it? Advice is such a loaded word. So much of it is unwanted, yet when we need it, we really need it. All of us are guilty from time to time (to time) of not taking our own advice. Sure, we're confident in the encouragement and guidance we offer others, but that'll only work for them, right? It's so hard when you're in it yourself. It's a challenge to go all out-of-body and look at your situation from a different perspective -- [...]

“What makes [whiskerslist] so damned funny? If you’ve ever spent a blessed second with a cat in your life, you’ll know. Angie has burrowed deep into the cross section of psyche where cat action meets human vocabulary and has come up with gold. You’ll be howling—in a good way!”

Jackson Galaxy, Cat Behaviorist and Host of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell

About Angie

Angie wants to live in a world where cats drive buses, people are always kind to one another, and Andie picks Duckie over Blaine.

An award-winning author and humorist, she’s the author of the Texts from Mittens  sitebook and calendar , as well as whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds.  She’s also a regular contributor to the Catster print magazine and site. She particularly enjoys writing about cats doing people things.

In addition to humor writing, Angie is the creator and host of the Paws Rewind: Gen X + Cats podcast, which features sometimes ridiculous discussions about 70s/80s pop culture, with a side of cats.

She’s represented by Fairbank Literary Representation and is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association.

Angie lives in St. Paul, MN with two senior cats who think it’s always mealtime.