So yesterday I had this big idea to start a podcast. I think it was the Katy/Drunk Patty Facebook Live last week that had me thinking. It was SO much fun and easy. I love talking with funny women and can find something to say about most any subject — probably not sporty things, though. There are enough people with sporty podcasts, though, right? I’d so not be Sporty Spice — I’d be more like Netflix Spice.

Like anything extraordinarily important in my life, the podcast idea deserves its own spiral notebook. Yeah, I’m a spiral notebook (and purple pen) junkie. I order both in bulk from Amazon like a survivalist stocking up on canned goods. Hey, if the Armageddon shows up, I want to be able to brainstorm about podcasts and texting cats.

I’ve been researching equipment needed for said podcast and will jot my ideas in my new notebook. I have nothing else to say about this, except I’m super excited about the idea and I know that if I put it out there, I’ll feel more accountable to make it happen.

Would you listen to this mystery podcast?