I’m challenging myself to share a weekly update, using one sentence when I’d usually use one paragraph per topic.

  • We’re cleaning out our storage unit — I wish I had genie to sort and move things.
  • I recorded four new podcasts this week.
  • The latest podcast is features a story about my friend Keith’s “Bobby Brady” pants.
  • Chris and I recorded a bonus patron podcast that includes gory details our hobby wins and fails.
  • I’m working the social media desk at CatCon August 4-5; you should go.
  • My broken toe is healing, resulting in less Frankenstein Monster-ish walking.
  • Cosmo seems to be feeling fine, but his lip continues to grow in size.
  • My sister Amy’s birthday was last week; please enjoy a photo of her rockin’ an orange poncho in 1979.


My sister Amy and me with Grandpa — and the obligatory 70s cigarette.