Here we are, in week 8379459 of isolation. Some people are working from home, we’re eating spaghetti with our hands, and we look like we’ve just returned from a student haircut at the Cousin It School of Cosmetology. Really, who could have predicted our lives would look like this? And we’re all figuring stuff out in real time, which can be brain-jarring to planners like me.

I was recently thinking, if I knew all this shizz was about to go down, what advice would I give myself — knowing what I know now? Here are three of the (Fruity) pebbles of wisdom I’d offer myself.

Working from your bed will totally create jacked-up posture, leading to a sore upper back

Now I’ve been working from home since 2013, so this whole laissez-faire workplace situation isn’t new to me. Neither is the state of my upper back and the pretzel-like ergonomics that got me there. My husband Chris is currently working from home, and sometimes I retreat to the bedroom when he’s on a call. I love the idea of working from the bed, but I also love the idea of eating a pint of ice cream every day for lunch; however, neither do my body any favors. Also, do your damn yoga.

Remove the feedbag

Snacking has become my religion. Welcome to the Church of Snacks — can I offer you twelve bowls of cereal and a bag of caramel popcorn? Again, this isn’t my first working-from-home rodeo. Sure, in the past I’ve had a day here and there in which I’ve been Snackie Kennedy Onassis, but it wasn’t a regular thing. It seems to me that many of us — including myself — feel like we’re in kind of a vacation mode. You know how when you’re off on holiday and counting the minutes until the next meal? Seriously, food is probably my favorite part of vacations. Memo to self: this is not a vacation. The only water sport you’re going to experience is fighting the cat for the bathroom faucet when you’re trying to wash your hands. Don’t avoid snacks, but be mindful of the all-you-can-eat-cruise-ship-buffet mindset.

Let yourself feel out of sorts

I’m used to the ups and downs of depression and anxiety, and I’ve learned tools to work in those mindsets. This is such a freaking weird time for everyone, and I know my emotions have been (more so) all over the place. Even friends who don’t regularly experience the upside-down-ness of emotions, are sharing their feelings of grief and fear of the unknown days/weeks/months ahead of us. When I first felt amplified depression several weeks ago, it scared me. Now I recognize it as something many of us are feeling at some level. I’d caution my pre-isolation self to be kind to myself  and practice self care — and show understanding to others because we’re all in this weird-ass Willy Wonka-esque world right now — just without the loads of candy. Well, maybe with some of the candy.

So my message to you, friends, is the same message I’m giving to myself. Keep trying to stay healthy, feel what you’re gonna feel, and (seriously) watch your at-home office ergonomics. Everybody’s doing the best they can, so let’s give them (and ourselves) a break.

Love from me and my jacked-up back,