Thank you for your kind comments and supportive thoughts on my last post about Cosmo’s oral cancer diagnosis. I thought it’d be a good time for an update.

The vet says he has weeks-to-months of life to share with us. I’m not sure from when that clock started ticking because he’s had mouth issues since February, and only recently received a clear diagnosis. He’s on daily steroids to reduce his mouth swelling, as well as something to help his tummy handle those meds. He’s also on pain medications as needed. Let’s just say he’s not a fan of taking his pills, but what cat is? We wrap him in a towel and he looks like he’s wearing a little spa bathrobe.

His appetite is voracious, and I’m sure some of that has to do with the steroids. He can demolish a plate of food and come back for seconds … or fifths. He’s still grooming himself, and I tell him what a handsome boy he is. His “bathroom” habits are normal, which is a good sign.

Pillow thief!

Each night, shortly after we turn off the bedroom light, we hear him enter the room and jump onto the bed. He then insists on diving beneath the covers, right in between us and purring until he drifts off for the night. This is probably one of my favorite things he does. He presses himself right up against me and I rest my hand on him. It’s definitely helped an insomnia sufferer like me get some shuteye. He’s such a calming presence.

Yesterday he was acting more lethargic than usual and seemed sad; and he didn’t fight much when we gave him his pills. I went to bed worried, thinking if I didn’t hear him jump on the bed, it’d be a bad sign. Thankfully, he did complete his nightly ritual and I went to sleep with his gentle purring vibration moving through my body, telling me, “I’m OK. Go to sleep.”

Let me love you, cranky boy!

Today he’s still lethargic, but everything else is fine. I’m thankful to work from home and am keeping an eagle eye on him. I’m also getting extra snuggles. Well, I’m taking them and they’re mandatory. I want to load up the snuggle reserves because somehow I feel like they’ll be there when his body no longer is. Whatever. It makes me feel better.

I’m writing way more than I expected to write. My boyfriend and I recently started French lessons on Monday nights and I need to finally take a shower so I’m ready when he gets home. Thank you again for asking and caring. It does mean a lot — I want you to know that.

Je t’aime, Cosmo.