Paws-Rewind Podcast in June

Last month I blogged about my idea of creating an audio podcast. Anyone who knows me knows that once an idea settles into my brain, it’s impossible to dislodge. After 48 years on this planet, one thing I’ve learned about myself is that when that lightbulb above my head refuses to turn off, I need to pay attention. Sometimes I don’t want to pursue the idea, and I’m like, “Really? Come on!” This podcast thing, though — it’s gotten me legit excited.

Here’s are some tidbits I can share with you.

  • Two of my passions are 70s/80s pop culture and cats. I asked myself, “Do these things even go together?” Then I asked myself, “What doesn’t go with cats?”
  • The podcast is called Paws-Rewind: Gen X + Cats, although you don’t have to be Gen X (born 1965-1984, according to the good ol’ Wikipedia) to enjoy it.
  • It’s a humorous 40-ish minutes wherein I sit with a cat-loving guest and we converse about a pre-selected 70s/80s pop culture topic and cats. There’s also a game involved and other fun components.
  • So far I’ve recorded two episodes and have two more scheduled for next week. For now, my guests are personal friends who are a total hoot. I’ll include phone-in guests in the near future.
  • My plan is to edit everything and post a teaser the week of Memorial Day.
  • The first podcast will launch on Monday, June 4, and a new one will magically appear each Monday following that.
  • It will be available on the Paws-Rewind page of my website (coming soon), and also on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn.
  • I have theme music (whoop!) and hired a graphic designer to create the lovely logo at the top of this post.

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about sharing this with you! Can you feel my excitement? I thought so.

Image: The Kitten Covers



2 responses to “Paws-Rewind Podcast in June”

  1. Sheila Avatar

    Okay, so I’m not real smart on this stuff. So I go to your page under Paws Rewind and do I hear music, talk, see pics???

    1. admin Avatar

      You’ve got it! It will be an audio podcast. On the day it airs, I’ll post a link to it — you just click on it to hear. I’ll have a page on this site called Paws Rewind. It’s not up yet. 🙂

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