6 Benefits of Cats as Co-Workers

I’m one of those lucky people who gets to work from home, but just because I don’t have much human interaction during the day doesn’t mean I don’t have co-workers. Meet Cosmo: my trusty assistant who spends most of his on-the-clock time napping or staring at me, willing me to offer him a handful of treats and a chin rub. He’s in my lap even as I type this, purring and drooling all over my pants. It’s a good thing I no longer wear “dry clean only” clothes.

Speaking of the benefits of cats as co-workers, here are 6 more.

  1. They don’t swipe your lunch from the fridge; however, they may swipe your lunch from your plate. But still.
  2. They don’t make loud personal phone calls about medical issues and bed buddies. Plus, I already know all their medical issues and I am their bed buddy.
  3. They’re very clean — no nasty B.O. or gaggy cologne. In fact, their fur smells of clean laundry and their feet smell of Fritos. Good thing I like Fritos.
  4. They refrain from clipping their nails at their desk. Yes, I’ve had co-workers who’ve actually clipped their actual fingernails (and maybe toenails — eww!) at their actual desk. At work.
  5. They keep meetings short and to the point. The agenda usually involves “can I swat your pen onto the floor?” and “how long until dinner?”
  6. And the biggest benefit of all is being able to cuddle your co-worker while earning an income. I can’t think of a human colleague with whom this would be attractive. Or legal.


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