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The Tell-Tale Snack

There are a few dessert items I do my best not to buy. It's not because I don't like them—quite the opposite—I will not rest until there are no detectable crumbs left inside or outside the packaging. I can compare the madness only to Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." I know that's hella dramatic, but I kid you not.

We Have Gifts!

Everyone has gifts. Some are useful and others are just plain amusing. Although the useful ones may help us live our lives more efficiently or creatively, the latter is more interesting.

Insomnia, Golden Girls, and a beef

I experience semi-regular bouts of insomnia, and classic TV seems to be the cure. There's something comforting about watching characters and storylines I grew up with -- they're like old friends.  Lately, I've been rewatching (for the eleventy billionth time) episodes of The Golden Girls. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are my late night buddies -- all that's missing is the cheesecake.

Frustrating comfort, and the Zen of jigsaw puzzles

I've always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, but found myself annoyed when I couldn't complete one in a single sitting. Plus, if there were sections similar in color or texture, I'd kinda lose my damn mind. So naturally, I took on a 550-piece puzzle of edge-to-edge Lake Superior agates. All agates, all the time. This puzzle featured nothing but a photo of rocks piled up alongside one another, applied to cardboard, and cut into tiny pieces that looked like colorful toddler choking-hazards.

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