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This clever parody combines two of the Internet’s hottest sensations — cats and craigslist. With 160 hilarious classified ads written for cats, by cats, whiskerslist reveals the hidden lives of our furry friends like never before. With categories ranging from “Personals,” to “Gigs,” to “Lost & Found,” and “Help Wanted,” the varied posts in this entertaining cat community provide an imaginative and entertaining look into what cats are really up to when left alone. A must-have for cat lovers who can’t get enough of their quirky feline companions.

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Praise for whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds

“What makes [whiskerslist] so damned funny? If you’ve ever spent a blessed second with a cat in your life, you’ll know. You’ll be howling — in a good way!”
~Jackson Galaxy, Host of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell and Author of Cat Daddy

“From seeking job opportunities in the gnawing sector to selling pizza boxes that have been sat in once,whiskerslist is a hilarious look at how cats could make the most of the Internet, if you’d just leave your laptop open or didn’t worry about their paws smudging your iPad.”

“Hilarious! Anyone with a love of cats will surely love [this] book!
~Yasmine Surovec, Author of Cat vs. Human

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