Those of you who read Texts from Mittens — or most anything I write — know I love word play. One of my favorite activities is coming up with alternate lyrics and titles to songs. Some of them are probably NSFW, but many involve cute animal references. Here are some of my favorite wonky song titles that involve squirrels because if you replace “girl” with “squirrel” anywhere, it’s freaking hilarious.

“Fat-Bottomed Squirrels”

“Big Squirrels Don’t Cry”

“Uptown Squirrel”

“Brown-Eyed Squirrel”

“Some Squirrels are Bigger Than Others”

“Squirrels on Film”

“American Squirrel”

“My Best Friend’s Squirrel”

“I Kissed a Squirrel”

“Jessie’s Squirrel”

Do you have any to add to this very important list?