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Update on Cosmo’s Health

A little over a week ago, my blog post included a worry I had about Cosmos's oral health. He was getting ready to go in for a second biopsy due mysterious mouth swelling and ulcers. Over the last few days, [...]

Update on Cosmo’s Health 2018-06-11T19:16:13+00:00

Paws-Rewind Podcast in June

Last month I blogged about my idea of creating an audio podcast. Anyone who knows me knows that once an idea settles into my brain, it's impossible to dislodge. After 48 years on this planet, one thing I've learned about [...]

Paws-Rewind Podcast in June 2018-05-28T16:56:41+00:00

Friday Cat Pic Jollies

Like you, I take about 1,265 cat pics a day. Some (most) of them are jerky (the pics, not the cats ... most of the time), blurry, or just plain bad. Other times I'll manage to capture an image that [...]

Friday Cat Pic Jollies 2018-04-20T17:12:30+00:00