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Optimism and cat photos

I've been taking photos of my cats since I had to buy real film for my cheap little Kodak. There was no reviewing and deleting photos. I was damn lucky to get ONE decent photo out of the bunch. I [...]

Optimism and cat photos2023-09-07T08:49:28-05:00

Insomnia, Golden Girls, and a beef

I experience semi-regular bouts of insomnia, and classic TV seems to be the cure. There's something comforting about watching characters and storylines I grew up with -- they're like old friends.  Lately, I've been rewatching (for the eleventy billionth time) episodes of The Golden Girls. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are my late night buddies -- all that's missing is the cheesecake.

Insomnia, Golden Girls, and a beef2021-05-27T10:28:19-05:00

Frustrating comfort, and the Zen of jigsaw puzzles

I've always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, but found myself annoyed when I couldn't complete one in a single sitting. Plus, if there were sections similar in color or texture, I'd kinda lose my damn mind. So naturally, I took on a 550-piece puzzle of edge-to-edge Lake Superior agates. All agates, all the time. This puzzle featured nothing but a photo of rocks piled up alongside one another, applied to cardboard, and cut into tiny pieces that looked like colorful toddler choking-hazards.

Frustrating comfort, and the Zen of jigsaw puzzles2020-12-21T10:17:28-06:00